Custom timesheet attributes

Customize the way you want your global workforce to fill Timesheets: Weekly summary or Daily details. Define the attributes to be captured like Clients, Projects, Tasks, Activities, etc.

Global timesheet policies

Define global timesheet rules as per the compliance. Setup submission, auto locking and billing rules. Manage all your global settings from one place.

Timesheet submissions/ Approvals

Record daily/ weekly timesheets for the designated projects. Get Manager/ HOD approvals as per your customized approval workflows. Ensure accurate data is available for billing/ payout calculations.

Mobile App

Use mobile app to instantly submit timesheets from anywhere anytime. Upload project details, tasks and other information and ditch bundles of paper/ email timesheets required to be shuffled across the organisation and clients that leads to a slow and error-prone task.

Integration with Payroll

Automatically send the output of timesheets as the input to the payroll system. Auto compute employee working/ billing hours based on approvals, project costs and reduce manual errors and repeated tedious calculations.

Real time reports

Generate detailed real time insights on what the employees spend their time most on, or the cost of the projects, or the time leakage in the organization. Every second saved is the money saved.

Exercise work discipline to increase effectiveness and productivity

Track employee work in real time and control time mismanagement. This helps leverage the available time in the best possible manner and make informed decisions. Plan ahead better.

Hawk HR helps get insights on employees' work on a daily basis to improvise work policies for inclulcating disciplne at workplace so that employees stay focused.

Enhanced teamwork and collaboration for wonderful workplace culture

When multiple employees work on a common project, tracking of the work for the manager becomes easier. (S)he is able to monitor the contribution of the individual employees and also analyze the roadblocks, if any. This helps make refinements to workflows, processes, or even the way the team communicates.

Hawk HR provides the necessary tools for the employees to work together towards a common goal in unison. It helps enhance the work productivity, save business money and reduce poor performance.