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Hire to Retire HR platform that accelerates the success of your business processes.

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Software for today's workforce

Manage Employee Lifecycle in the organization; everything from Hire to Retire

Get your culture fit

Introduce Transparency - Create honest and open environment at workplace by sharing all desired information to the employees. Build interpersonal trust and get people to share & collaborate with each other.

Delegate to build an efficient team. Give your team more confidence, making them feel important and letting them show what they are capable of.

Discipline is the key to success. Manage regular Timesheets, Time Offs, HR/ Payroll processes and stay focused on reaching your goals.

A positive workplace culture improves teamwork, raises the morale, increases productivity and efficiency, and enhances retention of the workforce. The difference between success and failure is a great team!

Enhance productivity by 50%

Systematically transform your performance evaluations/ enhancements to create value for your people and business. Set up your performance methodology - 360 degrees, Goals, PPPs, 1 on 1s, Feedbacks, OKRs.

Magnify employee skills by boosting Training culture in organization. Identify training needs, plan/ track training schedules and strengthen employee performance.

Use Timesheets to bring structure and accountability to take critical decisions. Employees can be mindful of their own focus and accountability. You can also track whether you are making or losing money on a project using Timesheets.

Versatile and valuable tool that helps evaluate organization's current talent and identify potential leaders. Hand good people POSSIBILITY; They do GREAT things!

Faster Onboarding
Faster Onboarding

Successful Onboardings play a critical role in retaining new hires. Design personalized welcome experience for the new members and give them the tools to be productive early.

W4, I9, KYC docs on day one to stay compliant

Create a new culture in your company – a culture of effectiveness, high performance, trust, loyalty and transparency.

Stay Compliant

Gain a competitive advantage by making your organization HR as well as Payroll compliant.

Quickly adapt to the changing compliance of the land by using our modern and agile solution. Everytime there is a change in the law, it is pushed seamlessly in the system. So you focus on your core business while we take care of the relevant compliance part.

What Hawk HR can do for you

A unique all-in-one integrated HR Solution

Who should use Hawk HR

Regardless of what industry your business is in; what employee size you work with, Hawk HR is ready to provide you with adaptable and comprehensive HR solutions to drive results.



Main Street


Non Profit

Why Hawk HR

Our mission is to provide you with an all-in-one enterprise HR solution so you don't have to look aside in order to get what you need

  • Industry specialization

    HR System capable of handling divergent industries and related complex, sensistive HR demands

  • Domain expertise

    Built by ingenious HR team with indepth technical/ compliance experience

  • Sensitivity matters

    Predictive analysis to minimize sensistive and complex employee relations issues

  • Data intelligence

    Faster, informed decisions with data-driven insights

— Rehan Ali Syed, Chief Executive Officer, Tawfeeq Travel Group

We appreciate the service experience from Hawk HR, and cooperation from their support team. We were happy with the quick turnaround done on implementation.
We have gone paperless since the introduction of Hawk HR and got value in processes like: Centralized Employee Information, Attendance machines record synchronization, Mobile based attendance punch facility, Staff joining and resigning processes, Company Assets record, User transparency achieved, faster and efficient communication between staff and management.

We would highly recommend the system to anyone. We like the concept of “Hire to Retire”. Transparency, Efficiency, User-friendliness are core USPs we have experienced thus far.

— Milin Desai, Co-Founder, ConfabPro

Hawk HR has indirectly helped me improving my work life balance. With the atomization of mostly the entire HR function, I can spend more time with my family rather than answering calls and attending meetings for the data management.
Hawk HR saves about 60 days of productive time for a team of 3 people per year. That would be 6 months average salary. Plus the kind of intel the reports give can easily save and help a lot of money. So the RoI is about 200%.

I would highly recommend Hawk HR to all businesses. I have clients strength ranging from 30 employees to 6000 employees, and this system works for all.

— Rajesh Arjunlal Jaisingh, Chief Operating Officer, Planar Investments Pte Ltd

Hawk HR team has quick response timelines. Most value was achieved in simplified and configurable interface without needing technical intervention. Biometric integration also helped.
Got timesheets and leave mgmt. implemented first. Otherwise it was all spreadsheeted and inaccurate. Life improved for employees as all policies were in one place to reference.

Hawk HR helps to implement a HR system early so that the team organizes itself around it and data is not people-dependent or lost in data stored in particular laptops etc.

— Vimal Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Ready Assist

Hawk HR is one of the best startup friendly HR management software which is as simple as using any DIY application. We have been using it since our inception and never found any feature that we are missing.
It gave us the power of a corporate when it comes to people management with its out of box features like employee onboarding, fully automated payroll management, Tax declarations, employee self service portal, attendance management through mobile apps, biometric, leave management , shift management, performance management and all reports that the HR department needs.

I strongly recommend Hawk HR for every startup or big corporate irrespective of their size. I am sure they will thank me after using it for once.

— Siva Rama Krishna, Director, Qneuro Inc.

Having a centralized system makes our life easier to keep a track of all the things we need. Accessing the required files when required allows us to make more productive use of our time.

We are very likely to recommend you to our circle and I’m sure anyone would want to spend their time more productively instead of searching for things that can be made easily available when organized.

All this and much more with the fantastic customer support.

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